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Re: [opensuse] SUSE repository
  • From: jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2007 10:26:07 +0100
  • Message-id: <459B76AF.3090507@xxxxxxxxx>
Pascal Bleser wrote:

Ok, let me summarize: you just said you have no clue about ZMD nor zypp
nor smart nor other package managers. Nor did you ever had to help those
people who were about to ditch SUSE because the package manager sucked
so bad on 10.1.

Thanks for your enlightened, qualified opinion.

you won't ever have a good discussion with this attitude. mileage will vary and you won't see any significant percentage of suse user on IRC.

the suse base is millions of users, not a handfull.

and I used almost all the major Linux distributions, so, yes, I know about package managers. I simply don't want to use any non default as long as the official suse one works.

what I don't mind (on a user point of view) is the one that works under YaST. This, for me, only means that it can be zypp, zen, smart, apt, yum... I don't care. Of course if we have the choice of what package must be under yast, I will try all the candidates and if smart is as good as you say (and I have no reason not to beleave you) I will vote for it, but in the mean time I stay with YaST.

What you say is that zen is a dead end. May be you are right, I have no sufficient knowledge to juge that, but it seems the very good programmer (you said so) of Novell said differently? If it's true one day or an other Novell will be obliged to change this or fix this, and you are perfectly right to work on this direction.

however, as a long (nearly ten years) SuSE user, after testing, sometimes for years, the other distribution (I have several computers at home, not all with SuSE), I don't notice that YaST package manager is worst than the other distributions one.

some are faster but happen to broke my system (apt), some are slow as YaST (mandrake), some are _very slow_ (gentoo)

I'm used to see that any advantage have it's own drawbacks, if not anybody could use the same. in the end the ultimate solution is always compiling

and don't forget I also work on other lists and see there many apt/debian/Unbuntu or mandriva users, all with they own package problems.


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