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Re: [opensuse] Getting rid of "Marching Penguins"
  • From: Adam Jimerson <vendion@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 14:18:22 -0500
  • Message-id: <200612311418.23146.vendion@xxxxxxxxxxx>
I would have to agree with that, first impressions is everything when it comes
to showing off linux, really it doesn't matter what environment you are in.
If you have something that can catch someones eye because how good it looks
and the added bonus of it running perfectly, they are mort than likely to be
impressed with it and want it themself. Its more of an advertisement thing
than anything else in my option, yes i know after a while it gets old but
think about someone who has never seen it before.

On Sunday 31 December 2006 12:43, Mike McMullin wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-12-31 at 07:00 -0600, Glenn Holmer wrote:
> > On Saturday 30 December 2006 20:59, Benjamin Rosenberg wrote:
> > > Now please stop lecturing us on what is good for a business
> > > environment and what isn't .. because boot screens DO NOT qualify as
> > > something to worry about in this instance. There are a great many of
> > > us who have been in corporate environments for a great many years and
> > > what you're saying is complete CRAP .. it's a boot screen you see for
> > > a few seconds when you start your computer .. w00p!
> >
> > First, drop the attitude. Then consider this scenario: your CEO calls
> > you and says "I understand we've been using this Linux thing for the
> > last eight years; I'd like to know more about it." When you explain
> > that you run it not only on the servers in the machine room but also on
> > your workstation and your laptop, he asks you to come to his office and
> > show it to him. You grab your laptop bag, walk into his office, switch
> > it on, and... first impressions are everything.
> And you have of course had the presence of mind to customize your
> splash screen to show something that will wow the d00d. Not to be
> snarky about this, but think about it.
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