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Re: [opensuse] Getting rid of "Marching Penguins"
  • From: BandiPat <penguin0601@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 23:47:47 -0500
  • Message-id: <200612302347.47553.penguin0601@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Saturday 30 December 2006 22:33, James Knott wrote:
> How do you know what is good for a business environment? Many want
> heavily customized systems. Many are conservative and don't care for
> such things. However, whatever the reason, there should be a
> reasonable method for changing it, not instructions that don't work.
> As for that URL, that page says Fedora. How is someone supposed to
> know about that and that it applies to SUSE? Why should it be so
> difficult for someone to find the instructions? They don't have to
> do so to change the desktop. Also, according to what I see on that
> page, some "adjustment" will be necessary to get it to work with
> Now about the provided instructions. When at that screen you press
> F1 for "About". The instructions say "Edit gfxboot.cfg in
> /boot/message. Try and follow those directions to change it. How'd
> it go? Find the file yet? What's the point in providing
> instructions that are flat out wrong???
> Once again, without performing far more searching than is reasonable,
> how does someone who hasn't read Factory list messages, know about
> how to change it? Is it in SUSE help? A man page? Is it anywhere
> on the system?
What's up with you? Too much coffee, been up too long, PMS? You're not
usually this way when asking questions or answering them. What
happened that put you in such a mood?

I would think you would understand that OpenSUSE is for the general
masses, not necessarily for business. Usually SLES/SLED are reserved
for business use and they are quite serious about business. When did
it become bad to have a little fun with programming? If you really
look deeply, you find a little human nature in every program. And how
many people reboot their Linux systems? Eight seconds of marching
penguins is going to ruin the concept of Linux?

Just wondered and surprised at all this yelling from you.

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