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Re: [opensuse] Goodbye to suse
  • From: Jay Smith <susehelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 20:28:48 -0800
  • Message-id: <20061226043344.2E38512471@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Agreed, this mailing list in particular is all about having a problem, hoping to
find someone whom had a similar problem and fixed it. This is what makes Linux
just that. We're open source, an operating system not based out of a corporate
setting, but just average guys whom like computing. We hail from all over the
globe and these mailing lists are meant for us to think together and come up with
solutions to problems.

If you ask a question, you'll get an answer hopefully. If not a direct one,
you'll get a suggestion. If one fails to put up all the info, we'll ask you to
check things. If I went to a mechanic and said my car won't start, they'd ask
stuff like "when did you last check it", "how many miles since last oil change"
"When did it start?". If I don't give it to him in the first place, he'll have to
ask to get it. Otherwise, he really can't help me with that info. Now imagine the
mechanic just giving advice, not actually touching the car, you'd have to give
him a lot more info.

You rarely get instant gratification on these mailing lists cause solving these
problems is a process. I don't think you can expect to go to a mailing list such
as this or any linux mailing list and expect an easy answer. When you get
defensive about things, that only makes things worse. By asking a question here,
you admit that you have no clue as to what's wrong and you are also acknowledging
that anyone whom replies knows what they are talking about. It's not that we are
trying to be egotistical, this is just how it is, you don't know, we do. One day,
you may get in the position where you know something someone else doesn't.

We are all here to help each other but you can't be helped if you won't listen to
advice given. You also need to cooperate and realize this is a process and we
need info and a lot of trial and error. This is Linux, that's how it works many
times. You don't like it, go to Windows and enjoy your viruses.


On Mon Dec 25 17:10 , jfweber@xxxxxxxxxxxx sent:

>On Mon December 25 2006 4:55 pm, John Andersen scratched these words
>onto a coconut shell, hoping for an answer:
>> But, but, but...
>> You can't come to a mutual help list and then turn around a say
>> See, look at all the problems!!! If you follow that theory you would
>> never run suse at all. Or Ubuntu. Or windows. You'd get out
>> of computers completely. When was the last time you saw a
>> post about stuck abacus beads?
>> People without problems don't post.
>Bless you, I have been maintaining that point exactly when I face some
>resistance round here.
> P.S. don't point non tech users to a mailing list like this one.. it
>only leads to trouble one way and another. Either they think they know
>what they thought the writer said, but they didn't understand that what
>he said wasn't what he meant, or they become deer in the headlights ,
>and can't be budged from their "NO"! Never! position..
>almost makes one wish for the good old days when the Administrator told
>them to get their fingers off the keyboard and they did or died! ;)
>> --
>> _____________________________________
>> John Andersen
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