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Re: [opensuse] Boxed 10.2 orders
  • From: "Clint Tinsley" <clintin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 18:19:40 -0700
  • Message-id: <20061226011940.E498243F04@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I ordered my 10.2 boxed set yesterday, with 2nd day air - but if they take a
> friggin week to ship it, I've just wasted my money. Hopefully the message
> quoted above is just boilerplate passed along by some well meaning drone - if
> not, I'll be rather disappointed in Novell's ability to plan and execute.

I recall when I ordered SuSE 10.0 last year about this time (end of November). The retail product wasn't ready for shipment contrary to Novell emailing I had recieved. What I got for my "early" order was a pen in the mail, whoop de doo! I don't recall when I got the actual product via DR, but it was a very long long time... As to the second day air (or even next day order), it won't ship until it is available to ship and then you will get the priority shipment that you paid for.... After that experience, I have not bought the retail product nor have I missed not buying it as there is really nothing in the box that really justifies buying it; any extras that might be in the box you can find elsewhere for the downloading. Documentation is almost non-existent, not the days of old when there were 4 manuals that were over 2 1/2 inches in total thickness.

But in openSuSE's defense, this is a community distribution, with very short lead times to release (openSuSE went from RC5 to Gold in a single weekend and then hit the mirrors the following Thursday. Release to Manufacturing, docs and box taking a month or two is not unreasonable and one should expect to wait. As an example, Windows Vista, 5 years in the making (no 6 month release cycle here), went Gold/RTM in November and we won't see it in retail early this coming year. And we know when a product is released to manufacturing from Microsoft, it is hardly a release candidate, usually buggy as ... with patches and service packs are not far behind. The first Service Pack for Windows XP was around 330 "fixes" and Microsoft has deliberiately held up the XP Service Pack 3, probably to assure upgrade compatibility with XP.


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