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[opensuse] Goodbye to suse and why not stay, The Linux Wall
  • From: Niels Østergaard Kjær <linux@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 13:39:13 +0100
  • Message-id: <458FC671.9070802@xxxxxxxxxx>
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many fine letters on the goodbye subject
and the subject installs as a secondary desktop.

There is a third aspect too, the Linux wall.

As a newbie we have to fight the total lack of knowledge (it is X-mas
so we suppose it is only about linux and nothing else in life :)), so
when Kai P writes:

As anyone can tell you, getting popular codes to play multimedia takes
five minutes of your time.

then as a newbie I look for the howto recipe for how do I do it in 5
minutes too, the links showed static pictures and no info on how to do it.

my point is something about maybe to remember each of you have been
newbies once too, so pleace finish lines with howto do it, not just
mention it is possible.

This is not a letter being hard on Kai or anyone else, more a
suggestion on one way to help newbies to be a steady linux user.

Merry x-mas


Kai Ponte wrote:
>> On Saturday 23 December 2006 17:14, John wrote:
>>>> I'll tell you what this patent protection did for me.
>>>> I had a nearly fully functioning SUSE 10.0 system. I never
>>>> could get the nVidia driver to install and work for 3D video,
>>>> although it worked fine in SUSE 9.2 Professional.
>> Sounds like a personal problem to me....PEBCEK anyone?
>>>> I made the mistake of upgrading to openSUSE 10.2 and now I'm
>>>> regretting it big time. Mplayer was uninstalled by the
>>>> upgrade, and none of my multimedia apps work cause of file
>>>> format patents, from what I can tell by the big warning about
>>>> patents on a Novell web page. I never saw or heard a peep out
>>>> of Novell about patents before this Microsoft "deal". I think
>>>> Novell got shafted by Microsoft. Time will tell, especially
>>>> if MS ends up acquiring Red Hat (heaven forbid the financial
>>>> experts are wrong).
>> Sigh, another crossover loser from COLA...
>> ...though I agree that Novell should show some cajones and
>> provide
>> in their system like Xandros does, it really isn't a big deal. I
>> mean,
>> a stock verson of WinXP or Vista and see what happens when you
>> stick a commercial Region 1 DVD in.
>> <insert Jepardy music here>
>> As anyone can tell you, getting popular codes to play multimedia
>> takes
>> five minutes of your time.
>> This has been true of any version since I started using SUSE
>> during 9.1
>>>> Why in the heck did openSUSE 10.2 have to remove a perfectly
>>>> functioning Mplayer and leave me with a broken Kaffeine
>>>> (which worked great before) and broken Noatun and broken
>>>> XMMS, etc. I can't play any video formats now or burn any
>>>> CDs. This is really pitiful.
>> Again, PEBCEK - you screwed up.
>> Too bad...
>> sorry.
>>>> I'm really disgusted with what this upgrade has done. And why
>>>> so many file updating programs? There's Yast, Yum, Smart,
>>>> openSUSE Update, Synaptic, and a few more I can't remember at
>>>> the moment. How in the world is a Windows user ever gonna
>>>> convert and deal with so many choices?
>> I did.
>> My mom did.
>> My wife is in the process.
>> Not too hard.
>>>> The strangest thing of all is how the documentation compares
>>>> Smart to Yast and Yum and shows how superior it is to both.
>>>> Then why include Yast and Yum anymore? Just provide Smart
>>>> package manager and be done with it. Package management in
>>>> Linux leaves a lot to be desired, compared to Windows
>>>> Add/Remove Program and Setup programs.
>> Linux = choices.
>> Hey, some people even like the command line - or worse - Gnome.
>> What can I say?
>>>> Is Windows ready for prime time? I wish, but unfortunately,
>>>> that's not the present situation.
>> fixx0red your post.

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