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Re: [opensuse] Sound from browsers stuck in a loop
  • From: Basil Chupin <blchupin@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 01:49:12 +1100
  • Message-id: <458E9368.6050301@xxxxxxxxxx>
Guy wrote:
Basil Chupin schreef:
Guy wrote:
Hi all,

I'm using OpenSuse 10.1 and the sound system is set up correctly (Alsa &
SoundBlaster Live 5.1 card) cause everything plays alright.
Quite often I've got this annoying problem with playing clips from the
internet be it from Konqueror or Firefox.

What happens is that the clip (audio or video) plays and then for no
apparent reason about 1 second of the clip gets stuck in a loop and is
repeated ad infinitum. The remedy is to kill the nspluginviewer when
using Konqueror or to leave the site with Firefox.

So you're never sure you can hear the clip in its entirety or not which
is damn irritating. Let alone giving a demo about Linux and then having
this thing happening.

Has anyone witnessed this and better nows what's wrong?


Are you using the v9 beta of Shockwave Flash plugin for Firefox? This
beta does this and I had to revert back to the released version (7) to
get back my sanity.


Hi Basil,
You hit the nail on the head!
My version is exactly : Shockwave Flash 9.0 d55.
I suppose Shockwave is aware of this?

I have absolutely no idea. I didn't tell them but I can't be the only one who experienced this problem so someone must have told them.

As you may be aware, the beta gets rid of the problem with the audio and video being out of sync in v7. Well, v9 beta fixed that but created the "loop" effect. As I hardly ever watch videos online the out-of-sync problem doesn't worry me that much.

Thx for making my Chistmass a little merrier!
Merry Christmass,

And the same to you! :-)


In a period of great joy and pleasure you are comforted by the thought that tragedy is just around the corner.

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