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Re: [opensuse] So long. Was:Goodbye to suse
  • From: "Rajko M." <rmatov101@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 20:39:48 -0600
  • Message-id: <200612232039.48724.rmatov101@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Saturday 23 December 2006 19:14, John wrote:

> I had a nearly fully functioning SUSE 10.0 system. I never could get the
> nVidia driver to install and work for 3D video, although it worked fine
> in SUSE 9.2 Professional.
Do you have 9.2 installation media?
In 2 hours or lesser you can have 9.2 again.

> ...I never saw or heard a peep out of Novell about patents before ...
That doesn't mean they didn't existed.

> Why in the heck did openSUSE 10.2 have to remove a perfectly functioning
> Mplayer ...
Installing it again is faster that to write one big email.

> I'm really disgusted with what this upgrade has done. And why so many
> file updating programs?
To puzzle the observers.

> How in the world is a Windows user ever gonna convert and deal with so many
> choices?
Then they have to do nothing and computer will work as before ;-)

> The strangest thing of all is how the documentation compares
> Smart to Yast and Yum and shows how superior it is to both.
Documentation? Where is own experience?

> Then why include Yast and Yum anymore?
It helps to maintain gray cells in good condition.

> Package management in Linux leaves a lot to be desired,
> compared to Windows Add/Remove Program and Setup programs.
Who has desire for the license fees?

> Is Linux desktop ready for prime time?
It already has a prime time, but not as a fake jukebox.


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