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Re: [opensuse] doc to txt conversion
  • From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 16:00:52 -0500
  • Message-id: <458D9904.30601@xxxxxx>
On 2006/12/23 21:43 (GMT+0100) Leendert Meyer apparently typed:

> On Saturday 23 December 2006 21:22, Felix Miata wrote:

>> On 2006/12/23 21:13 (GMT+0100) Leendert Meyer apparently typed:

>> > On Saturday 23 December 2006 21:00, Felix Miata wrote:

>> >> Which app do we have to strip the glop from a M$ .doc file and
>> >> output just the content to a plain text file?

>> > Did you try opening the .doc with OO, and "Save As", choosing
>> > "Text" or "Text Encoded"?

>> From a 790k .doc file text gets me a 34 byte file and text encoded
>> gets me a 62 byte file.

> Woa! A compression ratio of roughly 10k:1. But I'll assume you take
> that as a loss ratio and declared it a failure.

> How about an indirect conversion, like to .html? It would not be that
> difficult to strip the tags.

Looks plenty difficult to me. The file size increased by about 40%. Both
SeaMonkey and Konq fail to display anything legible when opening the
result from disk. If I try to open the result in OO after closing it, It
paints the first page, then nothing else other than pegging the CPU.

> BTW, what do you mean with 'glop'? Something aking to 'goo'?

Everything except the content, roughly 80% of the .doc file, 90%+ of the
html file.
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