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Re: [opensuse] K3B Broken by Patch?
  • From: Sunny <sloncho@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 17:00:31 -0600
  • Message-id: <e7eeb230612191500w45b09b78s923b82efdba887a4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 12/19/06, Lucky Leavell <susemisc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Tue, 19 Dec 2006, BandiPat wrote:

> On Monday 18 December 2006 17:12, Lucky Leavell wrote:
> > OS: SuSE 10.0 Pro
> > K3B Version: k3b-0.12.3-9.2
> >
> > I tried creating an audio CD-R which worked great last time I tried
> > it a few days ago but now fails with unknown error 255. Here is the
> > K3B debugging output:
> >
> > System
> > -----------------------
> > K3b Version: 0.12
> >
> > KDE Version: 3.4.2 Level "b"
> > QT Version: 3.3.4
> > Kernel: 2.6.13-15.12-default
> > Devices
> ==========
> Lucky,
> Do try to use the SUSE build for audio CDs, especially if your files are
> mp3. Get the Packman build to put things right again. You could also
> try recompiling your k3b from the source rpm. Also, be sure to check
> what other programs are installed in k3b settings to be sure you have
> the capabilities to burn audio. Since you could do it a few days ago,
> you are probably ok, but check it anyway. Simple thing to do is get
> the Packman build.
I did try that after seeing the suggestion in other K3B postings but
finally gave up after each iteration found more and more unresolved
dependencies. It WOULD be nice to be able to burn mp3 files directly from
K3B instead of shipping them over to my Ubuntu 6.06 system, converting
them to ogg using the mp32ogg utility and shipping them back. (I guess I
COULD break down and put a CD/DVD burner on the Ubuntu box too.)

I did find that removing a particular ogg file solved the original problem
though I have no idea why. (IOW, after removing the offending ogg file
from the K3B project, it burned and played just fine.

Thank you,

To burn mp3 to audio disk, you need the libmad, and the k3b-mad
package. In packman's versions of k3b k3b-mad in build in, so what you
need is only libmad. And be careful not to use any other version of
k3b than packmans :) At least that was the situation on 10.1, I did
not had time to try that functionality on 10.2.

I use smart as package manager, and I set a higher priority to
packman's channel for k3b. That way, even a newer version of k3b
appears in some other repo (like kde-backports), I keep the right one.

And if packman's version is broken, then they are very responsive, and
fix it usually in a day or 2 if you drop them an email.

Svetoslav Milenov (Sunny)

Even the most advanced equipment in the hands of the ignorant is just
a pile of scrap.
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