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Re: [opensuse] Resetting xterm?
  • From: Jan Engelhardt <jengelh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 16:46:59 +0100 (MET)
  • Message-id: <Pine.LNX.4.61.0612191644550.10396@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Dec 19 2006 16:27, Manfred Hollstein wrote:
>On Tue, 19 Dec 2006, 16:17:34 +0100, Carlos E. R. wrote:
>> I have a smallish problem.

And I have exactly the same and yet the opposite.. :)

>> When exiting a program inside an xterm sometimes the display is not left
>> as it was before. For instance, 'mc' sometimes leaves the cursor as white
>> box on white background, a bit difficult to see. Minicom leaves it as
>> yellow on white. All this after the "clear" and "reset" commands.
>> Any other possibility to reset it (black box on white background)?

Since I use a black background by default, the cursor is changed - mostly due
to action in mcedit - from the regular gray to black, making it defacto
invisible. However, this is not limited to mcedit. PINE also sometimes changes
the cursor color to do the inverse of (inverse color).

>> Of course, I can close that xterm and start another, but perhaps there is
>> a way. Is it an xterm bug? An application bug?
>This is clearly an application bug; if an application changes some
>attributes of the display, it is responsible to reset them to the
>initial status when it is closed. I'd call this gentle behaviour, at
>least. You can reset the xterm, however, by pressing the Ctrl key and
>clicking the middle mouse button inside the xterm; this pops up a menu
>from which you can choose to do a "Soft Reset" or a "Full Reset".

The issue should _not_ be seen in the console since it uses a hardware cursor
whose color cannot be changed.

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