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RE: [opensuse] How to build a cluster with 64 bit Opterons and SUSE?
  • From: "Gomez, Daniel" <dgomez@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 10:08:35 -0500
  • Message-id: <7F0AA25C9B1706448E8B73DFDD109B31028E5E2F@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > We would like to build a cluster of multiple Opteron based
> > computers. The usage is for scientific computing (multiple
> > scientists running large processes usually at the same time... :-)
> > Mainly computing but also some large flat file access, no DB stuff.

> Little bit more about the needs:
> - multiple users (around 12+users)
> - all running scientific mathematical calculations on software ranging
from matlab to self programmed software running with java, python, R,
you name it
> - programs take from few minutes to days to run, usually at least
couple of hours
> - users have hard time to find a "free" CPU/memory

> So, if we had the calculation servers set up as a cluster, users could
find computing resources easily. Or more to > the point, they would not
have to do that, they just login to the (cluster) server and let the
server worry about > > where it's running their processes.

You need a grid cluster more than you need a server/service cluster.

A server cluster increases your fault tolerance of your host hardware by
moving service from one host to another. A service cluster can be used
to pool in more CPU/Memory resources from multiple hosts often by
performing some form of connection pooling whereby some client
connections use host A and others use host B to balance out the load. At
times you can combine these two clusters forms but not necessarily.

But what it sounds like you really need is a grid cluster - not a
server/service cluster - whereby folks can run some "job" on some
available machine and have some form to manage all of this coordination.

Check out
I use it myself and highly recommend it.
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