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Re: FW: [opensuse] Need monitor recommendation
  • From: Doug McGarrett <dmcgarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 22:58:22 -0500
  • Message-id: <200612142258.23021.dmcgarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 14 December 2006 22:20, Greg Wallace wrote:
> On Thursday, December 14, 2006 @ 9:02 PM, Randall Schulz wrote:
> >Greg,
> >
> >On Thursday 14 December 2006 17:57, Greg Wallace wrote:
> >> ...
> >>
> >> Randall:
> >>
> >> I have a bit of a vision problem and need 1024 X 768. Felix was
> >> saying that you need to consider that when buying a LCD monitor
> >> because, unlike a CRT, they have an optimal resolution. Would the
> >> VP201b work ok at that resolution?
> >
> >It will work, but not with optimal resolution. Because it must map to a
> >higher resolution, the resulting images will be (are) blurry.
> >
> >However, I think you need to consider more carefully what you need. It's
> >not about the number of pixels displayed by the monitor, it's about the
> >size of each pixel (or, equivalently, the number of pixels per inch /
> >cm.).. So my monitor, the VP201b, has a 100dpi display (thus, its
> >viewable area is 16 inches wide and 12 inches wide). Most LCD displays
> >have about the same resolution (in the range of 96 to 100 dpi), so you
> >might as well buy the biggest display you can afford, since it will
> >allow you to either: a) See more information; or: b) Use larger fonts.
> >
> >> Thanks,
> >> Greg Wallace
> >
> >Randall Schulz
> I'm beginning to wonder if the opposite tack might be worth trying; i. e.,
> try to find a video card that will work with my old monitor. Just as a
> test, I'm going to pull the Radeon 7500 out of my old machine tomorrow and
> install it in my new machine, just to see how it works. If it works ok,
> then surely I can find a graphics card out there somewhere that will not
> give me the problem this new one is giving me.
> Greg Wallace

Be careful about swapping video cards. The newer ones have different
operating voltages--3.3, 2.5, 1.8, etc., and are not interchangeable in
most machines. I own one I can't plug in anywhere, for instance. Some
mobo's will determine the inconsistency and refuse to start at all, which
is better than burning something out.

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