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Re: Fwd: Re: [opensuse] Using aria2
  • From: Susemail <susemail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 10:18:14 -1000
  • Message-id: <200612141018.14525.susemail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 14 December 2006 09:22, Susemail wrote:
> ---------- Forwarded Message ----------
> Subject: Re: [opensuse] Using aria2
> Date: Thursday 14 December 2006 04:09
> From: Patrick Shanahan <ptilopteri@xxxxxxxxx>
> To: opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> * Susemail <susemail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [12-14-06 05:06]:
> > The above commands are from
> >
> > Where is the log? It would be a lot better if they gave the path to
> > the log. Just in case somebody needed to check it.
> aria2c --help
> man aria2c
> grep the output of the first for "log"
> search in the second for "log"
# aria2c -help | grep log
-l, --log=LOG The file path to store log. If '-' is specified,
log is written to stdout.

# aria2c -l -
specify at least one URL
Usage: aria2c [options] URL ...
aria2c [options] -T TORRENT_FILE FILE ...

-d, --dir=DIR The directory to store downloaded file.
-o, --out=FILE

# aria2c -l /home/myhome/aria2c.log

This will not execute. No errors reported, the command is simply erased.

# man aria2c
No manual entry for aria2c

So 'aria2c -l -' gives me the help menu, I thought it would print the log to
stdout. 'aria2c -l '-' ' just
disappears. 'aria2c -l /home/myhome/aria2c.log' doesn't execute or return it
just disappears. I thought it would use aria2c.log to store the log.

There are no man pages on my system. They should be in /usr/local/man. I
started with aria2-0.9.0.tar.bz2

I did manage to find two logs:
locate aria2|grep log

How do I make this work?

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