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[opensuse] Placing and sizing the picture in 10.2

This is so minor as to be barely worth mentioning, but
here it is.

When I got to the part of the install where you accept
(or adjust) the video, I switched on hardware 3D,
bumped up the color space to the maximum, and then
viewed the test (where you get to stretch and shrink the
margins and move/center the picture on your display).

I found that the increments for moving the picture left
or right, or for re-sizing it were too large.

That is, on my 19-inch Acer LCD, the test picture was a
a bit off-center. If I click the arrows to move left or
right, it jumps too far. If I re-size, the new size is
slightly too big, or slightly too small. I can't get a
combination of size and position that centers the
picture, edge to edge on the monitor.

In 10.1 and earlier, it worked fine (or I got lucky).

Yes, I could use the monitor's own controls to fine-tune,
but then I'm messing up the picture for Windows (yes,
after five years without Win on my home PC, I've
re-installed it in order to use particular software
- FrameMaker and MadCap Flare and DreamAquarium, if
you must know :-)

So, shouldn't SAX have an increment-size adjuster?

It does, and I missed it? Where?
Can I edit a config file to make the increment smaller?

As I said, not a big deal, but noticeable.



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