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[opensuse] Default repositories fail near end of 10.2 GM DVD install
Before installing, I looked at the "annoying bugs" page.
Before posting, I did a search of December [opensuse] list
messages for the words "Source metadata" (from the error
dialogs, below), and got no hits.
This suggests that maybe I'm the only one getting this
failure. (I hate when that happens... :-)

I got the 10.2 Gold Master DVD iso, via ktorrent, and watched
the MD5 test pass successfully before I began installing.
I installed as though new, retaining only my /home partition.

During the install/configure I did _nothing_ but
- answer questions as they appeared,
- specify HD partitioning/formatting,
- select a bunch of additional packages (all autochecked
for dependecy probs, and all passed) to install in addition
to the standard KDE install, and
- provide the required network/ip-related info to get
a "Success" message when connection was tested.

Then, near the end of the process, I hit a new dialog
that I had not seen in previous SUSE DVD-based installs
- there were three URLs (with checked checkboxes) for
'installation source repositories' or some such.
I'd be more precise, except that I'm at the office
just now, and I did the download and installation last night at home.

Anyway, if you've done an install of 10.2 GM, from DVD, you
know what I mean. They were for:

I clicked past the first one (when it failed...) before I
thought to record, but here are the error dialogs from
the other two:

Source metadata is invalid:

fails checksum verification. "

Yes, that's two forward slashes between "oss" and "suse";
I don't know how significant that is.

The last one was....

"An error occurred while creating the installation source.
Unknown source type for

Try again?"

I think I've lost the ability to have the repositories
for installation of additional software and such, but
I don't understand what I did to cause it.

On the other hand, the word "source" was in there somewhere,
so maybe I misunderstood? Those broken respositories - was
their purpose just to provide source files, for stuff that
I've already got installed from binary rpms on the DVD?

Or were those three repositories actually binary packages for
apps that didn't come on the DVD image, that might have been
useful to me... and that should _not_ have failed on a "tested"
"Gold Master" released product?

If install works for other people (implying that I managed
somehow to break it by merely answering questions...), then
where should I be looking for a cause of failure?
I definitely had a working network/internet connection
- the installer verified that, at the end of the network
setup sequence.
(Where it says checking for Release Notes and updates,
then says "Success".)

Should I install again, and answer some question

Should I download again (even though the current image
passed the MD5 check?

I'm at a loss. If something is broken before the install
even completes, what else is broken that will bite me

After reboot, I logged in to a KDE 3.5.5 session with no
problem, and poked around for a few minutes without seeing
any obvious breakage.

What's the prudent next step?


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