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Re: [opensuse] Sound issues when installing 10.2
  • From: Clayton <smaug42@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 08:22:59 +0100
  • Message-id: <e29967880612102322g711b2b63y9d66729089a2d556@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Do you still have 10.1 installed where the same card and kmix are
working OK? I hope so... :-) .

Errr.. nope. The only fully functioning Linux install I have right
now is Kubuntu 6.10. :-P But... I can check /proc/asound/cards there
and see what it produces (since it's all working perfectly there) and
compare it with 10.2. Can't do that until tonight though... they
don't let me ssh tunnel to my home computer from work. Sigh.

Also, I do not have the same channels showing in 10.2 as I do in 10.1 --

Interesting. In my SUSE10.2 install - YAST shows all the same
channels as 10.1 did, and as is shown in Kubuntu 6.10... so in my case
I never really keyed on this as a possible start into the problem.

showing. (So, the whole thing may be Yast related rather than KDE -
which one sets the kmix display?)

OK, but... if it's YAST related, then why does the sound card work
fine outside of a Window Manager? ie in YAST tests it's fine? In
your case, KMix is at least picking up the card :-) In my install
there's nothing there at all - although, that could be the same
symptom since we have slightly different cards.

The frustrating thing is, this error/bug has been around since Beta1. :-(

And if the results *are* different then we need to find out who to
badger about getting this bug fixed.

The bug owners? It is assigned... but not a lot of activity recently
on the bugs.

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