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[opensuse] Xen and Paravirtualization Problems TIA
  • From: Thomas Miller <tmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 17:51:56 -0500
  • Message-id: <457C8F8C.7000205@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi folks. I think my server is finally stable. My next step is to install 3 virtual servers: Firebird, Oracle, and Apache

My system

Opteron 1216 dual core
4GB memory
250 GB drive
3 @ 250 GB drive in a RAID 5

I have used the Yast Xen manager to make sure the system is Xen ready. I reboot into the Xen Kernal. I return to the Yast Xen Manager and start setting up my first VM and it failed.
command: /usr/sbin/xm create /etc/xen/vm/vm_firebird return
Warning: The bootentry option is deprecated. Use bootargs and pass --entry= directly.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/lib/xen/boot/", line 520, in
File "/usr/lib/xen/boot/", line 514, in main
sxpr = copyKernelAndInitrd(fs, kernel, initrd)
File "/usr/lib/xen/boot/", line 419, in copyKernelAndInitrd
raise RuntimeError("domUloader: Filesystem %s not exported\n" % fs)
RuntimeError: domUloader: Filesystem hdf1 not exported

No handlers could be found for logger "xend"
Error: Boot loader didn't return any data!
Using config file "/etc/xen/vm/vm_firebird".
Usage: xm create [options] [vars]

Create a domain based on .


-h, --help Print this help.
--help_config Print the available configuration variables (vars)
for the configuration script.
-q, --quiet Quiet.
--path=PATH Search path for configuration scripts. The value of
PATH is a colon-separated directory list.
-f=FILE, --defconfig=FILE
Use the given Python configuration script.The
configuration script is loaded after arguments have
been processed. Each command-line option sets a
configuration variable named after its long option
name, and these variables are placed in the
environment of the script before it is loaded.
Variables for options that may be repeated have list
values. Other variables can be set using VAR=VAL on
the command line. After the script is loaded, option
values that were not set on the command line are
replaced by the values set in the script.
-F=FILE, --config=FILE
Domain configuration to use (SXP).
SXP is the underlying configuration format used by
SXP configurations can be hand-written or generated
from Python configuration scripts, using the -n
(dryrun) option to print the configuration.
-n, --dryrun Dry run - prints the resulting configuration in SXP
but does not create the domain.
-p, --paused Leave the domain paused after it is created.
-c, --console_autoconne


disk = [ 'file:/srv/lib/xen/images/vm_firebird/hdf,hdf,w' ]
memory = 768
vcpus = 1
builder = 'linux'
name = 'vm_firebird'
vif = [ 'mac=00:16:3e:c9:26:fe' ]
localtime = 0
on_poweroff = 'destroy'
on_reboot = 'restart'
on_crash = 'restart'
extra = ' TERM=xterm'
bootloader = '/usr/lib/xen/boot/'
bootentry = 'hdf1:/boot/vmlinuz-xen,/boot/initrd-xen'

Thomas Miller
Chrome Portal Project Manager
CPCUG Programmers SIG Chairperson (formally Delphi)
Delphi Client/Server Certified Developer
BSS Accounting & Distribution Software
BSS Enterprise Accounting FrameWork

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