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Re: [opensuse] hard drive problem, help, please
  • From: Carlos F Lange <carlos.lange@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 12:08:46 -0700
  • Message-id: <200612101208.47236.carlos.lange@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Saturday 09 December 2006 19:36, Doug McGarrett wrote:
> I'm having a problem with a setup using 2 hard drives.
> hda is XP, hdb is Suse 10.0. If both drives are
> connected, something is telling the bios that there are NO
> hard drives connected. If I disconnect hdb, I get
> a message that the primary hard drive has been
> detected. Then when the system tries to boot I
> get a grub failure error. I really don't need Linux on that
> machine. How can I get the machine to boot into XP
> without the grub boot error, with the second drive disconnected?
> I am also having trouble with the CD player on that machine,
> so it's problematical if I can boot off a CD. (I don't have
> any kind of backup disk for XP, as far as I remember.)
> I could have done this with an old Windows, with fdisk mbr,
> off of a floppy, but I don't know what XP wants.

Since you say you don't have your Windows CD, your only option is to fix
your system using Linux.

I would start trying to fix the jumpers on the hard disks, as Wade
suggested. That's the only reason I can think of for the BIOS not
showing the disks.

Then run the installation CD again, then after choosing New Installation
go into Repair Installed System, or something like that, and try to
repair GRUB from there. For instance, you can make your Windows disk as
the default option in GRUB, you can try to restore the MBR from the
backup that GRUB makes, or you can try saving the boot loader in a
different place.

Alternatively, you could free up a small partition in the first hard
disk and install Suse there to access your personal data on that disk.

Carlos FL
PS: When you say "you don't need Linux", you should consider the
following. For some reason you lost access to your Windows (don't blame
it on Linux, as it could be a hardware problem or a mistake you made
during installation). And for some reason you don't have the Windows
install media that you should have either. Now you are stuck with
either buying another Windows CD, even though you were already entitled
to it by your previous purchase, and try to fix your problem using
Windows or you use your free Suse Linux to fix your problem and at
least get access to your personal data stored in NTFS. I say at least
access your data, because you don't know yet if your Windows system
didn't get corrupted by some HD failure. So, either you spend the money
to continue being a Microserf, or you spend some time in this and other
Linux forums and exercise your brain and feel empowered without giving
MS more money for crap software. Your choice. I made mine, and I don't
need Windows!
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