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Re: [opensuse] bittorrent clients - azureus example
  • From: Erik Jakobsen <eja@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2006 17:57:08 +0100
  • Message-id: <45799964.2030006@xxxxxxxxxxx>
jdd wrote:
> It's probably not OT to give some experience about dowload clients, as
> some have problems (ktorrent, aria2...)
> I use azureus, after trying several others with little luck.
> I find some advantages doing so. For exemple:
> * it's very easy to change the bandwith used by azureus. just change a
> number in a prompt (options page). So When I go away from my desktop I
> set it to 0 (infinite) and this gives instantly 750kbits/s upload, and
> when I come back I type "60" and this gives me ~500kbits/s and the use
> of internet :-)
> * I have the ~25Gb isos on a usb HDD. I want to install 10.2 on my
> Linux box. I stopped azureus on this box, unplugged the usb drive and
> plugged it on my second, windows XP, computer. I launch azureus on
> this one (as azureus is multiplatform), direct it to the same
> directory (ext3) as before and azureus is on the way of verifying the
> files, some are already seeding again.
> * I didn't use azureus on the XP box till 10.1, so it asked gently if
> I wanted to update, I said yes and I have now the brand new version.
> and none of my computer are new (the newer is two years old, and was a
> very low end one)
> so this a good client, among others, probably
> jdd
Which ports do You open for incoming and outgoing ?.
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