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Re: [opensuse] On my SUSE linux 10.1 kernel: ide: failed opcode was 0xef
  • From: Thomas Hertweck <Thomas.Hertweck@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2006 19:27:33 +0000
  • Message-id: <45786B25.50801@xxxxxx>

Boyd Lynn Gerber wrote:
> On my laptop I just started getting this error below about 3 weeks ago. I
> have tried to track it down, but I have been unsuccessfule. The message
> in the log is...
> Dec 6 06:33:35 blg kernel: ide: failed opcode was: 0xef
> This is the last message in logs and then I am not able to close any
> windows in KDE or write to the HD. The only way to get things to work is
> a power off. I have been unable to track down what is causing this
> problem. It can happen from an hour to 6 days. That is the longest I
> have made it. I have another laptop which is almost exactly the same and
> it never happens. Any ideas on how to find the cause? I do notice that
> the machine near the right side of the keyboard some times is a bit warm,
> but I am not sure if that is the problem. If the machine is hung and I go
> to one of my X-terms on the machine I quicly find out that it is hung. An
> other symtom is the clock in the lower right conner stops advancing. Also
> the repeat on the arrow keys stops functioning.

It might be completely unrelated, but you never know... I have similar
problems on one of my laptops running SuSE 10.0. The problems started
some weeks ago. Sometimes, I recognise that the "load" starts to
increase (xosview is running all the time) - from this point on, I am
no longer able to close windows or switch to other desktops. The mouse
is still working. If the focus is on a terminal window, I can still
enter a command and press "return" but nothing happens. The load is
increasing to about 25 and then more or less everything stops working
(keyboard no longer responding, etc.). There is no information in
/var/log/messages. I've checked memory with memtest86 over night: no
problems. I've check the disk with the manufacturer's disk tool (it's a
WD disk): no problems. I haven't been able to figure out the trigger for
those problems. It might happen any time. The only solution is a power
off. Other laptops here (also SuSE 10.0) work without such problems...

Cheers, Th.
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