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Re: [opensuse] Re: [opensuse-announce] openSUSE 10.2 is done
  • From: "D Gavrilovic" <d.gavrilovic@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 11:07:13 -0500
  • Message-id: <38c146350612060807m4a545b36xcb37c554762104ec@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 12/6/06, Ken Jennings <ken_jennings@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Here, the last Admin book included in the box looks like a dog chewed it.
I've almost never opened any User manual which is still being included in the

Chances are, when you need help the most is when you're trying to figure out
why something is not working -- like internet connectivity, or why the system
doesn't recognize the DVD. It's very tough to google linux issues when
there's no internet available. And it's tough to read a manual on the disc
when the drive isn't recognized. Both have happened here.

Fortunately, I now have the luxury of multiple computers, so I can usually get
information via another method. I'd still like to see the Admin guide
printed. In exchange the User Guide could be reduced to a pamphlet, ("SUSE
Startup For Dummies"), or as a big fold-out poster like the ones Dell
includes with their hardware.

However much I agree with you that I miss the Admin manual, I
personally use a laptop and read most of my IT books (including SUSE
manuals) on it in pdf/chm formats. I could live without the printed
admin manual knowing it's saving paper. I suspect most pro IT guys do
similar to me.

However, re: the user manual. It's not much use to experienced Linux
users. But...

Whenever I finally do manage to convince a Windows user/business to
move to SUSE, the first thing they ask is, "Can we get a manual? We
need to learn how to use this.".

So manuals are quite important in the conversion/migrations process.
People do like to look at books. And some of these people are not

I personally miss the better CD & DVD holders that they phased out
with 9.2 I think. It's nice to have good quality & sturdy holders with
cool logo. Just my 2 cents.

"Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of
the surest stepping stones to success." - Dale Carnegie
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