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[opensuse] Really clever... Was: Configuring Dual Head Mode on a laptop
  • From: Simon Roberts <thorpflyer@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 09:15:50 -0800 (PST)
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From: Matthias Hopf <mhopf@xxxxxxx>
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Sent: Monday, December 4, 2006 6:59:19 AM
Subject: Re: [opensuse] Configuring Dual Head Mode on a laptop

On Dec 04, 06 05:44:34 -0800, Simon Roberts wrote:
> > problem I am having is with the resolution, my laptop is 1280X800(15.5
> > widescreen) and the second monitor is 1280x1024 (17inch). Currently I
> > can only get them to run in the same resolution mode ... so I get a cut
> > off screen if I go up to 1280x1024 or the second monitor looks
> > compressed at 1280x800.
> >
> > Is their a way to have each monitor run at it's own resolution?
> How should that ever be possible, except for a real dualhead environment
> (with different contents on both screens)? You're obviously running
> clone mode.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> It seems to work for me "the other way round". That is, the external
> monitor will run as a compressed version of the internal. I use
> 1280x800 on the LCD and 1024x768 external, in clone mode. The external
> is slightly compressed, naturally, but entirely readable (I use it for
> projecting). I was pretty impressed by its cleverness, actually :)

In that case both monitors are running the same image, i.e. the same
resolution. The original question is how to display the same image in
two different resolutions, which isn't possible (even theoretically).


Actually, that is exactly what mine does. Seriously. Not kidding.

Main monitor (Laptop's own LCD) is running 1280x800, I think it's called wxga or something like that) but the clone output is set at 1024x768, and it is working, in that mode. It happily drives old monitors, and older LCD projectors (not things, so far as I can see, that are new enough to know about 1080i, or whatever "HDTV" standard might be relevant here".

The downside is that it drops some pixels, obviously, we're squeezing a quart into a half-litre pot :) But it works, and the resolution/granularity, or whatever is entirely adequate for projection of overhead slides, and even to show folks what I'm doing on a command line.

I don't know how it's doing it.
I didn't know it wasn't supposed to (Sax2 just offered this out of the box)
It might be responsible for the strange crashes I get on changing modes, but they existed long before I set up multi-head/clone mode
It did it in 10.1 too.

So, if it's not doing it, it's doing some darn clever impersonation of it.

Oh, and more evidence that it really is 1024x768 on the external; before I set it up like that, the external displays failed, some jittering like hell, others complaining "sync out of range".

So, maybe mine is magic, maybe it's just really tricky, but I hear what you're saying can't happen, and I know that you're heavily involved in this and your opinion is highly informed, but I'm looking at it happen :)

Though of course, I also now know that this isn't what the original poster was describing anyway :)


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