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[opensuse] testing opensuse10.2 rc1 ? ( I think that's it's title ;) )
  • From: jfweber@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2006 00:59:31 -0500
  • Message-id: <200612020045.22195.jfweber@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
So why was this not added to the list? Instead it was bounced back to me
as if I had done something bad.. it's not from another list, it isn't
html; perhaps I should have made the subject w/o testing???

message begins here do as you will oh Suse list GOd or equivelent
status babysitter for the night :

Made my dvd and installed on my amd 64 bit box.. w/ a nice new
Syncmaster225 flat panel monitor on it.. and so far, I htink it's
pretty on par w/ 10.0 , and my Euro linux mag freebie of 10.1. That
being said there seem to be a few snags and a few things that will
cause headaches to roll out system wide if they aren't tweaked before

They do seemed to have moved things that seem to be moved for the
helluvit rather than for any need to move them.. But that said , once
found the items seem to operate in the old ways.. It's hard to tell
what is a complaint about the system and what is a complaint about the
xsetup pppfffrfft! on my box it appears to HATE certain windows that
are Supervisor or root ,uhm... usually used by... and it has at least
now stopped strobing, and just shuts off. if I have another window that
doesn't offend it so much, I can w/ a little judicious movement of that
other window get to the stuff I need to modify..

Adding fonts hasn't been a pretty day.. as witness this missive. but we
have to do as needs must til I can find the damned backup disk that has
the nasty things from that company which will always be nameless . ;)

( I have legit licenses for the fonts, I just never can find them the
three times a year I usually need them ) <heavy sigh>.

Most of the apps seem to work as expected. I hope we won't lose the
kweather app.. ( Yeah I know they can't put everything in right this
minute, but times a wasting kiddies.. arrival date is tout bloody
sweet , to borrow an Andy Cappism. )

There were the usual why in hell did they do *that* discoveries, none
bad enough to say I wouldn't install it. install is clean as a whistle
barring the tangle over what file system you want to use.. ( and being
told "no" by nanny ;-p```) once slected it went right to work. I kinda
like that..

overview.. I'm going to buy it.. I hope they settle on some update
scheme otherwise there will either be too many choices ( our poor
lil "MS" and "Stevie's box" users will NOT be able to cope, I'm warning
you now... mark my words !

I am going to have to tidy my filters on kmail.. a to be expected
difficulty I s'pose, and easily ignored.

To the wonderors , yes you can copy your kde from 10 up ( can't say
about bellow 10.0) and it will have your settings pretty much as you
left them.. you don't need to do everything unless you have every
single possible thing set .. but things like email, if you use kmail
anyway, and the kontact ( Kabc) addressbook , and Konversation etc. all
transfer a treat! Then you need only transfer your actual email
directory to be back in the saddle etc. about that quickly.

generally, considering it was a full beta two days ago... imagine what a
nice gold box will bring us :)

If a hurricane doesn't leave you dead. It will make you strong. Don't
try to explain, just nod your head . Breathe in breathe out , move on.
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