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[opensuse] SCO is toast... Novell go get em
  • From: M Harris <harrismh777@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 12:48:58 -0600
  • Message-id: <200611301248.58975.harrismh777@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Well, it looks like SCO isn't going to get to use their *evidence* because de
judge has slapped them hard with a devastating ruling... basically upholding
the lower court's ruling that a sanction is warranted because SCO willfully
violated discovery rules. ooops, SCO is toast, and Groklaw is vindicated.

Go get em Novell... I'm rooting for you ! (trial coming up)

... and the good news is, you're going to have some new bucks to pursue the
case--- from the M$ deal. cool~ huh?

Ok Suse fans I have a very serious question for yous guys (and please don't
tell me its off topic, cause it aint, so stay in your chair) .... I want to
know who puts code into the kernel... please don't laugh... I'm serious. In
other words, how in the world can SCO (or anybody else) accuse IBM (as a sole
entity) of placing anything willfully into the kernel, when the kernel is not
controlled by IBM, and when the kernel is contributed to from kernel
developers world-wide...??? How much of the kernel comes from Novell? How
much from Shuttleworths folks..??? how much from Redhat...oooops, I mean
IBM?? yeah, right....

Look, either the kernel has System V code in it (copyright protected, or
patented, or both) or it doesn't. This shouldn't be about discovery rules in
a court of law for crying out loud. Either copyrighted code is in the kernel
or not, and if so why can't SCO prevail??? (they shouldn't and I don't want
them to, just a hypothetical question--)

But that is not my real question... my real question is this: How hard would
it be to pull M$ hooks out of the kernel (once they're in there) if and when
they get discovered a year from now... ? ha-uummm??? Would it take a court
order? ---years of litigation? you know... discovery, summary judgment
petitions, rules and thousands of pages of B$ .... and all the time M$ has
hooks into the kernel...

Let's make sure from the top that that does not happen... please?

Kind regards,

M Harris <><
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