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[SLE] 9.1 TO 10.1 QUESTIONS.
  • From: "John N. Alegre" <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2006 13:16:08 -0500
  • Message-id: <200607021316.08852.lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I am contemplating an upgrade from 9.1 Pro to 10.1. I plan to do this
with iso disks downloaded from the net.

I have two fear / question comments.

The first one is pretty straitforward. What files should I back up
(independent of the SuSE standard upgrade backups) to insure the
transition of procmail / SMTP and MySQL. 95 % of this machines
reason to be is to be a mail server and a MySQL server. All mail
reading is on the machine either by direct login or by using X
Windows on a separate server so there is no POP / IMAP to worry
about. Just SMTP and procmail to take incoming mail from net > users

The second question is much less concrete and I am not expecting much
of an answer from the list but all comments welcome. It has to do
with NVIDIA drivers and the upgrade. This machine was originally 8.0
> 9.0 Pro > 9.1 Pro. For that entire time I have had this fight with
the NVIDIA drivers. I have posted to the list many times with these
problems and got some great feedback pretty much in the way of "yeah
I have seen that too, I do not know what is going on". The problem
is losing the entire X Window system. I has happend about 5 times, 3
of those where with respect to upgrading the kernel. Each time when
I have fixed it, I have no clue of what I did or if anything I did
has made any matter anyway. Some of the things have been
reinstalling older or newer drivers from NVIDIA or running the
various configuration apps that are on the system such as sax2.

Somehow, about 5 months ago I got a combination of driver install /
sax2 configuration to work successfully. I do not really have a clue
as to what I did but the current kernel / NVIDIA driver combination
is working and has worked well for the past 5 months.

My question is how I can assure myself of this after the upgrade. As
I said above I am more looking for comments here. I know I will be
living with a new kernel as part of the upgrade. I just want to know
that my GeForce4 Ti video card will work with the new NVIDIA
drivers / new kernel combo.

I repeat .. All comments welcome.


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