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Re: [SLE] Creating PDF document in GNOME?
  • From: Curtis Rey <crey@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 16:22:44 -0700
  • Message-id: <200607061622.46892.crey@xxxxxxxxxx>
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On Thu July 6 2006 13:43, Andre Truter wrote:

> PS: Why is this function listed in any case if it is not supported?
This is typical for GNOME development and products. If not for Ximian and
Novell Gnome was in disfavor my many and was only supported (at least to any
appreciable amount) by RH and a few Deb distros (that is until the likes of
Umbuntu, etc). There are indie SuSE developers that have made GNOME more
functional for SuSE previously. Now that Novell has stepped up devel on
GNOME things have gotten better. GNOME's appeal is mostly for the look and
the gtk engine. QT seems to raise issues with the suits, therefore the push
for GNOME and why Novell tried to make GNOME the default (as in only
supported) desktop. This caused a furor of protests and upheaval on the
list, and threatened a mass exodus away from Novell SuSEn (and in that vein a
lot of talk about a SuSE offshoot).

As a rule, in my personal experience, GNOME is often incomplete and halfbaked.
When it works it generally works well - when it works. I of course could be
wrong and please correct me if I'm am (re: pdf and gnome functionality). If
you're (figuratively) a sys admin and need to run Linux Desktop for l-users
then GNOME has some advantages (in regards to those that formerly ran
Winblows or similar). But for end users such as ourselves that aren't
inclined to run Blackbox, or xfce (one of my favs) KDE is much easier to
configure and generally more functional.

Just MHO, Curtis.
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