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Re: [SLE] Creating PDF document in GNOME?
  • From: Curtis Rey <crey@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2006 11:27:01 -0700
  • Message-id: <200607071127.08329.crey@xxxxxxxxxx>
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On Thu July 6 2006 23:53, Andre Truter wrote:
> On 7/7/06, Curtis Rey <crey@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Hash: SHA1
> >
> > On Thu July 6 2006 13:43, Andre Truter wrote:
> > > PS: Why is this function listed in any case if it is not supported?
> >
> > This is typical for GNOME development and products. If not for Ximian
> > and Novell Gnome was in disfavor my many and was only supported (at
> > least to any appreciable amount) by RH and a few Deb distros (that is
> > until the likes of Umbuntu, etc).
> [...]
> OK, but if this is a flaw of the Big and Evil GNOME, then why does it
> work perfectly on Ubuntu for example?
> I note that people that prefer KDE tend to be very much against GNOME.
> I happen to like GNOME and I don't have a problem with KDE or any
> other desktop. I just like GNOME more than KDE.
> Why do KDE people have to attack GNOME? Does it pose a threat to KDE?
> I have both installed (as well as XFCE and others) on some machines
> and on none of those machines have GNOME eaten up my KDE or even
> looked skew at KDE.
> They seem to work together quite happilly.

In some respects GNOME does indeed pose a threat to KDE for many. It seems to
revolve around issues between GTK and QT and the suits - licensing IIRC.
Years ago there was an announcement at one of the major Linux conventions
that GNOME was the favored desktop. The manner in which this came about
seemed to be political (in terms of business politics, not congressional or
presidential). Furthermore, this was early in the development of both
desktops so one might argue that it was more or less a level playing field.
But KDEdevelopment (at the time) was more robust and cogent. GNOME seemed to
stumble. Also the switch from sawfish to metacity further alienated many.
GNOME was viewed as having dropped the ball and to be relying on connections
in the corporate sector over that of the developers sector.

Now I agree that GNOME is fine for those that use it and this is what
Linux/FOSS is all about - choice. However, take the example of Novell
announcing GNOME as the default desktop. This was especially erksum in light
of the fact that the overwhelming majority of SuSE users use and work with
KDE. So when the announcement came out from Novell the SuSE community
screamed long and loudly. Once again politics at the level of the suits with
disregard to the user community.

Now one could rightly argue GNOME is a vastly a more political environment
(similar to the manner of XFree86 - a political mess and it shows in the code
[xfree86]). On the otherside, Novell did buy Ximian so the push to GNOME
makes sense to a point. Why would Novell by Ximian and then not implement
it's new acquisition? But De Icazza (spelling?) said himself that GNOME has
caused angst among certain people and entities. Case in point was a
Brazilian business started with GNOME yet became frustrated and switched to
KDE. There's bad blood between KDE and GNOME because GNOME gets all the
suits to support it while falling down on the devel and innovational front
and KDE strives to continue to innovate yet gets shunned (more or less) by
the corporate and press sectors - marketing seems to be one of GNOMEs strong

This problem has prompted many observers to call for a unified desktop to end
the "fracture" in this arena. This has yet to happen and likely won't since
it is antethecal to FOSS and choice by many. I personally find the devs at
GNOME to be similar to those at XFree86 - arrogant and elitist. Pair this
with caterring to the suits and perhaps one might see where the angst in the
KDE community may come from. Once again. SuSE and GNOME have been fringe to
each other for some time now - at least until Novell bought SuSE and Ximian.
KDE users and devs feel they are often taking a back seat to GNOME. This
angers many, especially since KDE development seems to be more stable and
predictable than that of GNOME - yet GNOME gets all the limelight.

Just MHO, Curtis.
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