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Re: [SLE] Reinstalling windows
  • From: Clayton <smaug42@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 08:31:42 +0200
  • Message-id: <e29967880607112331h6454986bucc6f4514fb4b4c23@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
yeah i know :S srry about asking it on this maillist but i think the problem
come from the fact that i installed suse linux

Mmmm that's unlikely. Installing Linux won't change the hardware
characteristics of your computer. It's just bits of data on a hard
drive... nothing more. I've been playing the dual boot game with
Windows/Linux since early 1998, and have never traced back an XP
re-install problem to the fact that Linux was installed. Every time
it was some setting I tinkered with in the BIOS, failing hardware,
or.. most often in my case.. user error :-P

i already installed windows many time on my hard drive and it always worked

Well, that's a start :-) At least you know that it "should' work.

How far does the XP re-install get? Does it boot to the initial text
mode install screens? Does it fail in the same spot every time? Can
you remove the bit of hardware that's making it fail? Do you get as
far as formatting the hard drive (which is essentially the first time
the XP installer actually looks at the hard drive)?

problem with the bios. But actualy on this compute i am using a Radeon X300
series .. and suse linux does not seems ot support my 3d acceleration dunno
why so i cant play even a little 3d game :P maybe it come from there.

Again, highly unlikely... installing Linux will not alter your
hardware so that you cannot re-install Windows.

Umm on your 3d accelleration thing... when you install Linux, you get
the generic driver for your video card.... just as when you install
Windows, you only get basic video support. You have to download and
install the Linux ATI video driver. Did you do this? I have 3D
working beautifully on my computers (granted I use nVidida, but ATI
works too) I can even play World of Warcraft with no problems in

should have read a lot more on linux before installing it :P anyway ill try
to solve this problem. But thanks for the help

There is loads of info out there... and a huge community ready to help out.

My experience over the years is that Linux used to be hard to use, but
now... it's so much easier and better than anything MS has to offer
(including that disaster thay call Vista). So don't give up yet :-)


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