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Re: [SLE] Postfix UCE, rbl, cidr and ehlo
  • From: jfweber@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 15:02:07 -0400
  • Message-id: <200607131502.07457.jfweber@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
On July Thursday 13 2006 2:46 pm, Per Jessen wrote in an electronic and
somewhat quixotic manner:
> david rankin wrote:
> > and stand-by mail server attached to it that I am experimenting
> > with to find out how best to control UCE.
> postgrey/greylisting. Granted, it does not take care of all of it,
> but it does stop a very large portion.

in the past two months there has been several articles on filtering spam
as an "admin" necessity in Linux-Magazine (Pro) CHarly Kuhnast likes
greylisting rather a lot.. but his last ( latest ) article seems to
suggest the spammers may be trying to find a way round it.. ;(

If you can get a copy of the July copy there were several suggestions by
others to use sendmail ( for spam and even virii filtering?) in that
edition. Perhaps you might find the article on their website by now.
( be certain to use the and not
they are two different magazines)


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