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Re: [SLE] sierra wireless aircard 860 problems
  • From: Adolph & Sharon Weidanz <timetopaws@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2006 09:13:04 -0400
  • Message-id: <44B8E9E0.5090201@xxxxxxxxx>
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RamaRao wrote:
> Adolph & Sharon Weidanz wrote:
> kvl.ramarao@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I've been unable to get the Sierra Wireless PCMCIA AirCard 860
>>>> (GSM/GPRS data card) working on a desktop running Suse 10.1
>>>> ( I've used a PCMCIA to PCI Interface Card Drive.
>>>> The card is detected, with ttyS1 (assigned IRQ=201) but the UART
>>>> displays "unknown" and I am unable to use minicom. NOTE: I was able
>>>> to get the card working on IBM ThinkPad R51 with Suse 10.1.
> When you plug in the card to the PCMCIA slot and do a cat
> /var/log/messages | grep tty do yoy see that the card is actually
> assigned to to it. Mine says kernel: 0.0: ttyS1 at I/O 0x47f8 (irq =3)
> is a 16550A
>> This message is not coming, when trying on desktop. But able to see this
>> message on Laptop.
> Just from what little I know from beating my head on this same card...
> It doesn't look like the aircard has been recognized, but your bridge
> has been. I did find out AFTER I bought the PCMCIA bridge that the
> Quatech one does not work with the aircard... So I have it working on
> the laptop but not the desktop until I get a new bridge..

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten any further on this problem. I ended up
doing internet forwarding through the laptop. There are a couple of
cards that are supposed to work with the aircard. IIRC there is one from
elan, but it was $200 or so.

One thing I did notice while playing around was that udev seemed to pick
it up:
Jun 24 11:57:38 Paws-1 udevd-event[7292]: udev_rules_get_name: rule
applied, 'ttyS2' becomes 'ttyS2'
Jun 24 11:57:38 Paws-1 udevd-event[7292]: create_node: creating device
node '/dev/ttyS2', major = '4', minor = '66', mode = '0660', uid = '0',
gid = '14'

But that's as far as I got....

If you find out anything I would appreciate it if you could email me,
off list even... It would be nice to figure it out...

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