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Re: [SLE] sierra wireless aircard 860 problems
  • From: Adolph & Sharon Weidanz <timetopaws@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 12:03:11 -0400
  • Message-id: <44BA633F.3020906@xxxxxxxxx>
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kvl.ramarao@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi,
> Aircard 860 is working on my Desktop now :)
> Here I am giving the steps that I followed to make the Seirra Wireless Aircard 860 to work on my Desktop running suse 10.1 (kernel 2.6.1613.4-smp)
> 1. Get the cis (Card Information Structure) file from the sierra wireless. The below link is for Aircard 8xx
> The same cis may work for others also. check it out from the Sierra wireless.
> Rename the file "SW_8xx_SER.dat" to "SW_7xx_SER.cis" and copy it to /lib/firmware.
> We have to do this because serial_cs.c file has hard coded value for SW_7xx_SER.cis
> 2. Get the latest pcmciautils and install. I used pcmciautils-014.
> 3. Read the cis file and find out the serial port range for Aircard.
> dump_cis utility can be used to get the info.
> Now add this range to /etc/pcmcia/config.opts. "include port xxxx-xxxx" where xxxx-xxxx is the port range in the cis file.
> you can skip this step if, the range is already included or the same range is being used by ur serial tty. but there is no harm in including the range.
> Thats it. u r done.
> -RamaRao
Great... Maybe I can get mine up and running then...What PCMCIA-PCI
bridge are you using? Is it by any chance a front loader?

Since I changed the serial_cs.c file I left as the SW_8xx_SER.cis.

When I did a dump_cis on the card I got

Socket 1
offset 0x02, tuple 0x01, link 0x01

offset 0x05, tuple 0x17, link 0x03
41 00 ff
EEPROM 250ns, 512b

offset 0x0a, tuple 0x20, link 0x04
92 01 10 07
manfid 0x0192, 0x0710

offset 0x10, tuple 0x21, link 0x02
02 00
funcid serial_port

offset 0x14, tuple 0x15, link 0x2f
07 00 53 69 65 72 72 61 20 57 69 72 65 6c 65 73
73 00 41 43 38 35 30 00 33 47 20 4e 65 74 77 6f
72 6b 20 41 64 61 70 74 65 72 00 52 31 00 ff
vers_1 7.0, "Sierra Wireless", "AC850", "3G Network Adapter", "R1"

offset 0x45, tuple 0x1a, link 0x05
01 03 00 07 73
config base 0x0700 mask 0x0073 last_index 0x03

offset 0x4c, tuple 0x1b, link 0x10
e0 01 19 78 4d 55 5d 25 a3 60 f8 48 07 30 bc 86
cftable_entry 0x20 [default]
Vcc Istatic 45mA Iavg 50mA Ipeak 55mA Idown 20mA
io 0x48f8-0x48ff [lines=3] [8bit] [range]
irq mask 0x86bc [level]

offset 0x5e, tuple 0x1b, link 0x08
a1 01 08 a3 60 f8 47 07
cftable_entry 0x21
io 0x47f8-0x47ff [lines=3] [8bit] [range]

offset 0x68, tuple 0x1b, link 0x08
a2 01 08 a3 60 e8 48 07
cftable_entry 0x22
io 0x48e8-0x48ef [lines=3] [8bit] [range]

offset 0x72, tuple 0x1b, link 0x08
a3 01 08 a3 60 e8 47 07
cftable_entry 0x23
io 0x47e8-0x47ef [lines=3] [8bit] [range]

offset 0x7c, tuple 0x1b, link 0x04
a4 01 08 23
cftable_entry 0x24
io 0x0000-0x0007 [lines=3] [8bit]

offset 0x82, tuple 0x14, link 0x00

I assume that io 0x47e8-0x47ef & io 0x0000-0x0007 are the port numbers
that I use...
dmesg gives me:
cs: IO port probe 0x47e8-0x47ef: clean.
cs: IO port probe 0x0-0x7: clean.
cs: IO port probe 0xa00-0xaff: clean

from /var/logmessages all I get is
kernel: pcmcia: registering new device pcmcia1.0
kernel: pcmcia: Detected deprecated PCMCIA ioctl usage.
kernel: pcmcia: This interface will soon be removed from the kernel;
please expect breakage unless you upgrade to new tools.
kernel: pcmcia: see for details.

So it looks like that didn't work for me.. Probably have to get a new
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