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Re: [SLE] Almost in a panic here...
  • From: James Knott <james.knott@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 12:22:54 -0400
  • Message-id: <44BA67DE.7060204@xxxxxxxxxx>
yonaton@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Quoting James Knott <james.knott@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>> yonaton@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>>> As root, can you see /home? Or /home/user? Did you have /home on a
>>>> separate partition?
>>> I can see a 'home' directory yes, but there's no /home/user when I
>>> click on it. There's just nothing.
>>> When I setup my system, I had /home, /, and swap IIRR. So yes, I guess
>>> it was on its own partition.
>> If you can see /home, but it's empty, then it's likely not mounted.
>> You'll have to see if there are any unmounted partitions and see if
>> that's where /home is. If you find it, just add it into fstab and mount
>> it. You can use fdisk, to see what partitions are on your disk. Then
>> try any that are not specifically listed in fstab.
> I do see this also, a 'data1', but it's also empty, no /user or
> anything. This is also what's in my fstab:

Actually, what you're looking for is the users. I simply used "user" as
an example.

> /dev/hda2 / reiserfs
> defaults 1 1
> /dev/hda1 swap swap
> pri=42 0 0
> /dev/hda3 /data1 auto
> noauto,user 0 0
> /dev/hda4 /data1 auto
> noauto,user 0 0
> /dev/hdb1 /data1 auto
> noauto,user 0 0
> devpts /dev/pts devpts
> mode=0620,gid=5 0 0
> proc /proc proc
> defaults 0 0
> usbfs /proc/bus/usb usbfs
> noauto 0 0
> Where'd this 'data1' come from? Should I do 'fdisk' in a console as a
> command? It won't mess anything up, right?
> Sorry for any dumb questions, but I'm just jittery as hell right now,
> worried I'll lose everything, heh.

You can start fdisk with a command like fdisk /dev/hda, which starts
fdisk with the first IDE drive. You can then enter a lower case "p", to
list the partitions on that drive. Any you find that are not also in
fstab may contain your /home directory. You may have to do this for all
drives. So, if you find something like /dev/hda5, which is not listed
in fstab, try mounting it and see what in it. Also, make sure that
/home is not in one of those /data directories.


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