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RE: [SLE] Software Management -- "Avail. Ver." vs "Inst. Ver." in 10.1
  • From: "Greg Wallace" <gregwallace@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 20:18:34 -0500
  • Message-id: <!&!AAAAAAAAAAAYAAAAAAAAABYv/fsiAbFHuuseWu7lbHnCgAAAEAAAAC6B/gGp4+5FnCnTaCgTXu0BAAAAAA==@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sunday, July 16, 2006 @ 5:50 PM, Carl Hartung wrote:

>On Sunday 16 July 2006 18:20, Greg Wallace wrote:
>> But we're saying that the "Installed Version" does get populated from the
>> installation source as soon as you apply the patch, right? In other
>> Installed Version and Available Version will always stay in sync as long
>> you keep updating every time an update becomes available.

>The value displayed in 'Inst Ver' *always* originates from the rpm
>If you change the status of a package (install, uninstall, apply a patch,
>upgrade or downgrade) the number displayed in 'Inst Ver' changes

>The value displayed in 'Avail Ver' *always* originates from your defined
>installation sources. If you have ten sources defined carrying three
>different versions of a package, the *newest* version available across all
>your sources will be displayed in 'Avail Ver'


Ok. So if I'm following you, in the example I gave, if I went out with YOU
and saw new updates available, canceled out of YOU, and went into Software
management, I would see the "available" versions for the packages I saw as
available for update as having a higher version than the installed packages.
Once I installed them, the numbers would then be the same again, with the
newer available version having replaced the installed version in that
Software Management list for those now updated packages. Right? It makes
sense, it's just different from the way I remember it working some time back
(not sure how long it's been since I examined these numbers). At one point
in time, the left number was always what was on your original CD/DVD. Then,
after you installed a patch, the number on the right was the later release.
At any given time, you could go in and see what packages were still the
original CD/DVD version and which ones had been upgraded via YOU somewhere
along the way. The number on the left never changed. Maybe the way this
works changed before 10.1 and I just never noticed it. Anyway, thanks for
explaining it to me.

Greg Wallace

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