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Re: [SLE] SPAM: unsubscribe
From: "Damon Register" <damon.register@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Orn E. Hansen wrote:
hmmm ... since a bush, is a bush ... does that make you "George of the Jungle" ?
one of my favorite cartoons.

There are a few things I would like to ask without getting
into too much trouble (I hope)

I have been noticing these unsubscribe messages and I am
curious about why many have SPAM in the subject line. Did
I miss the answer to that one?

I have also noticed that there seems to be a sudden increase
in the number of these things. I find it hard to believe that
there is such a sudden increase in ignorance. Is there something
else going on?

Of the ones I bothered to check, I see that they are the only
posts by those sending the unsubscribe requests.

Though I have seen spam in the archives, I have not seen spam in
the mailing list until now. That makes me wonder if there is a
connection between these requests and spam. Is this possibly
a new way of sending spam or harvesting addresses?

SUSE has started using SpamAssassin. Apparently their Bayesian
engine is a little mis-trained. You can see this by looking for
the markup messages in the headers.

{^_^} Joanne

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