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Re: [SLE] Gates [OT]
  • From: Daniel Bauer <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 09:53:19 +0200
  • Message-id: <200607190953.19346.linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Am Dienstag, 18. Juli 2006 20:31 schrieb John Andersen:
> On Tuesday 18 July 2006 03:37, Daniel Bauer wrote:
> > I just sometimes get jealous of those guys that can run to their
> > customers every day, having a lot of income just out of W's bugs. And if
> > something doesn't work as expected, they can always say: "not my fault,
> > it's a W bug" and everybody immediately believs it, even if they screwed
> > it up themselves.
> Your contentions seems to be that if the Medical Billing was done
> on Linux, the fact that the HCFA 1500 form was redesigned every
> few years and Medical Diagnostic Codes and procedures change
> yearly, and congress passes law after law would SUDDENLY DISAPPEAR.
> I suggest you are not living in the real world, where systems more complex
> than a rolodex, and bills have to be paid on time, and new data keeping
> requirements arise every year.

No, I'm not talking about software enhancements, new developements etc., but
about those guys having a support contract with a company. One day e-mail
doesn't work, another day word docs have disappeared, excel tables can't be
read anymore, after an automatic "update" the printer doesn't like to print,
menues and functions in all-day programs have changend and the users don't
find them anymore, PC on the lan suddenly don't understand each other, the
trash tray has been to small and files were completely deleted without

In the early W-days (I was doing a lot of COBOL programming as a side job that
time) I bought the Win-3.1 SDK - quite expensive, some 6 diskettes for about
1000 CHF IIRC. After I've learned how to use it, I couldn't use it, because
there was a new Win-Version out, incompatible, of course. I decided to use an
NCR "kind of unix" and developped there. No system related changes had to be
done to the app ever.

While some of my friends developed on W. Whenever W came out with a new
release they had to apply several changes to their software, because the
internal "system interfaces" (excuse my maybe wrong english) changed
fundamentally: calls to system parts didn't work anymore, asked for other
parameters or produced other results than before.

This is the real W-World - all in Caps :-)

B.t.w.: I'd really appreciate if bills - especially the ones I make out -
would be paid on time in the real world :-) Now, who is talking theory?

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