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  • From: Anders Johansson <andjoh@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 02:18:00 +0200
  • Message-id: <200607200218.00703.andjoh@xxxxxxxxxx>
A few minor points I forgot to mention

> Step 2: configure postfix
> edit /etc/sysconfig/postfix and change POSTFIX_LOCALDOMAINS to include
> your
> email domain. For example if you have an email address foo@xxxxxxx it should
> be


> also change POSTFIX_MDA so it reads


if you have other users on your local subnet that shouldn't be allowed to use
this mail server, you should also change POSTFIX_ADD_MYNETWORKS_STYLE towards
the end of /etc/sysconfig/postfix so it reads


> You now have a working mail/IMAP server. At this point you need to create
> an account on the cyrus server. If you open an email client and configure
> as incoming account to point to the cyrus server, it will automagically
> create the account for you. However, by default the quota will be set to
> 10MB, which might be a little low for you( I know it is for me), so before
> you do this, you may want to edit /etc/imapd.conf and set autocreatequota:
> to something a little higher (it needs to be more than 0, otherwise the
> account won't be automatically created)

If you do this, don't forget to restart cyrus afterwards (before you attempt
to create the account)

rccyrus restart

If you miss this, your account will get the old quota, and you'll have to use
the cyradm tool later to increase it

And the final (hopefully) thing I forgot to mention, make sure port 143 is
open on this machine in your firewall configuration, if you want to reach the
imap server from another machine.

Setting up IMAP with TLS or SSL is for another day

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