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Re: [SLE] Suggestion to improve OpenSUSE by providing only selected package!
  • From: Darryl Gregorash <raven@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 03:01:15 -0600
  • Message-id: <44C097DB.2030906@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 20/07/06 19:24, The Nice Spider wrote:
> <snip>
>right, i never say to not include other package, but i
>say we better have an
>"official" and "extra/optional" package.
>in short, this is only example: opensuse will have
>gnome as official package
>but if user want to install kde then he can do it too.
>maybe kde is the
>official while gnome is optional. both maybe in single
>DVD installation
>source, but if using CD the official must put in the
>firtsly CD while
>optional in other CD, users make decission to d/l
>optional cd or not.
>so, what is official package meant? this official
>package will supported
>officially by the opensuse team, and development most
>focusses on this
>official package. this will make us very fast and
>efficient. the idea behind
>this is: "we can not serve 2 master at same services".
You really have to get a better mail reader -- the one you are using now
formats the lines in the most atrocious manner, and it only gets worse
every time you quote someone who has quoted you in turn.

As for your comments above, surprise, surprise!! Guess what we have
right now? Gnome *and* KDE are both offered, with KDE (currently) being,
as you quaintly call it, the "official" choice. Most of us would prefer
to call it the default.

Now, why do you insist that anything not in the "official/approved" list
must not appear on the "official" CD, but only on some "optional" one?
As far as I am concerned, it makes far more sense to put all the
packages in one package group on the same CD.

Your last paragraph confuses me. Do you mean, for example, that if Gnome
were to be the "official" desktop in SuSE, the development and support
team would just tell me to take a flying leap off the cliff, if I would
ask a question about KDE? Otherwise, if they would give the same support
for KDE problems as for Gnome problems, then they would be doing nothing
different from now. What is so wrong with things as they are now? And
what vast improvements would we see if one of these desktops were to
become the "official" one, and everyone who preferred the other one
could go jump off a cliff when problems arise?

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