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RE: [SLE] IMAP HowTo (was re: POP Mail HOWTO?)
Sandy Drobic [mailto:suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Most of the time I start backwards, meaning I set up the imap server
> first, test the login to cyradm, create a few test mailboxes,
> set up the
> first user accounts and then try to authenticate to the imap
> server with
> a mail client.

That much, I seem to have... It asked for a password,
then contentedly showed an empty Inbox.

> If that works I send a mail manually with cyrdeliver and check if the
> mail is indeed visible on the imap server.

Will do.

> Once that works I begin with Postfix, check the config
> if it's an open relay,

Remind me what setting(s) in need to be in
what condition to avoid open relay. (I don't want
to assume anything about defaults, nor to assume
anything about my understanding of all the pages
I've read.)

> set up the right domain and host names and recipient
> maps, enable
> mailbox_transport for Cyrus and submit a mail to postfix, either by
> telnet or simply with mail.

Here's a place that I might be messing up, due to
lack of understanding of what goes where. I know
it's really simple, but when you've never had it
actually work before, you can be doing something
really 'obvious' and dumb without realizing.

Obviously, I've got basic internet connection
working, so I've put my ISP's primary and
secondary server IPs in the right places...
As for mail-related stuff, in particular:
I'm kevinmcl-รข (my ISP is and
I think I'm fooling harvest bots by writing my
e-mail address that way... hah...).
Their mail server (both incoming and outgoing)
is "".
I've filled those items in where it seemed
appropriate in configuration, which was later,
in fetchmailconf, but I'm summarizing here.

On my own network, there is no DNS server.
I'm using a LinkSys router that is
My PC-that-wants-to-be-mail-server is (say) (static) and thinks of itself
as hostname "junkbox".
Anyplace that I've been prompted for an in-house
"domain" or workgroup (such as when setting up
Samba) I've said "OURHOUSE".

One of the many things I'm not clear about is
where (in all the various setups/configs) I'm
allowed/supposed to use the bogus 'domain'
"OURHOUSE", as opposed to some real domain.

I also avoid configuring things like masquerading
and any rewriting of addresses, since I'm not
clear on what goes where and don't need to break
something else while the utter basic stuff isn't

> When that works I include amavisd-new for spam and virus checks.
> Only then do I publish the mx record, connect the server to
> the internet
> or use fetchmail to get the mails.

I'm guessing that with no in-house DNS, I don't
worry about publishing MX record...? Or have
I misunderstood?

Outbound, I'll use the ISP's smart-host service
until I've had the incoming path working for a while.

> The last step is to configure the log and server monitoring.
> I think it
> is important, even if some may say it is overkill for small sites.

> This is not done in a few hours. it is slow but steady work
> and ensures
> that every link in the mail chain works before I use it productively.

Never having had the simple chain working before,
I don't even know how to recognize that one or
another component is working separately. Or, I
didn't until you described how to fire a testmail
into Cyrus, and suggested working from Cyrus backwards.
Suddenly a tiny part makes more sense.

> This is of course only the basic setup without any tuning.

"Tuning" he says. TUNING! Hah! In my dreams. :-)

Anyway, thanks a bunch. I'm printing out your message,
and heading home for a couple of weeks of "vacation" -
also known as anguish and frustration in front of
the Linux box, interspersed with episodes of yard work
and house maintenance. Woohoo.


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