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[SLE] Xgl, powersave scripts and a couple of issues
  • From: Akin Sisbot <akinsisbot@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 13:50:35 +0200
  • Message-id: <1153914635.6996.8.camel@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I began to use xgl on my t43p (with suse 10.1 and ATI firegl v3200)
Generally it's working quite well, but there are some annoying issues. I
wonder if anyone here had the same problems and solved them.

1- fn-f3 (turn off the screen) and fn-f7 (external screen) are working
on Xorg, but when I passed to xgl, they stopped working. These keys are
bounded to the script /usr/lib/powersave/scripts/thinkpad_acpi_events
which contains these lines:

run_on_xserver() {
DEBUG "User $X_USER display $DISP $1 " INFO
su $X_USER -c "DISPLAY=$DISP $1"


4099) HOTKEY="Fn+F3"
if [ -x /opt/thinkpad/pm/ ] ; then
run_on_xserver "/opt/thinkpad/pm/ start" &
ACTION="start onscreen_pm applet"
run_on_xserver "xset dpms force off" &
ACTION="blank screen"
103) HOTKEY="Fn+F7"
ACTION="swap monitors"
echo video_switch > /proc/acpi/ibm/video

I think as the display changed when using xgl, this script have to be
modified but I don't how to do it :-/

2- fonts in X: If I open xemacs, I see that the fonts are too big, and
no way to reduce their size. It happens to other x applications too. But
in xemacs menu fonts are too big, and text fonts are too ugly. If I
change the fonts, nothing happens always same ugly fonts.

3- As the fn-f7 does not work, I can't get any image from the external
screen connected to the thinkpad.

Any suggestions, tips to solve these issues?

Thanks a lot!

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