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SPAM: Re: [SLE] Screen Saver Problem
  • From: PatrickM <mop48836@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 22:22:28 +0100
  • Message-id: <44C7DD14.3060001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
When upgrading (YaST, ZEN, smart...):
i lost my screensaver.

Well, I'm on kdebase3-3.5.1-69.15, so if that's the source of the problem,
that would explain it. I'm not well versed in doing manual upgrades. I
always just update through YaST, unless I'm installing some 3rd party
software from a different source. I also worry about dependencies at this
stage of the game (i. e., maybe there are other packages that I have that
are dependent on having this latest kdebase3 version). I guess I'll just
hang in there and hope that a future patch clears up the problem, unless
someone knows of some specific tweak I can make manually that will fix the


it's ok with YaST to manage the tweak.

Try it if you wish, you can always upgrade if you feel so.

Go to YaST-> Software Management

In the "filter" choose "Search"

Search for kdebase3. On the right pane, ensure "kdebase3" (the "single" one, not kdebase3-devel, etc) is highlighted.

Below that pane, you'll have several tabs, one is "Versions". Click on it.

Select the 3.5.1-69 (so, not the .15). Click "Accept".

This procedure will ensure your worries about dependencies will go well :-)
If the result is not the expected (the recovery of the screensavers), you can update to the .15 again the same way, or by one of your choice.

There are other ways, though. You might want later to try "smart".



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