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Re: [SLE] SUSE10.1 broken graphics
  • From: Masaru Nomiya <nomiyac360@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 16:47:45 +0900
  • Message-id: <87k65y187y.wl%nomiyac360@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello Razor,

>>>>> In the Message: [suse-linux-e ML: No.277952]
>>>>> with the date of Fri, 28 Jul 2006 13:05:14 +0530
>>>>> [Razor] == "Razor Peak" <razorpeak@xxxxxxxxx> has written:

Razor> The X11 graphics is broken whenever I try to have a resolution higher than
Razor> 800x600. I tried with different configuration but none did help.

That is,

Razor> Section "Monitor"
Razor> Option "CalcAlgorithm" "XServerPool"
Razor> HorizSync 31-34
Razor> Identifier "Monitor[0]"
Razor> ModelName "800X600@60HZ"
Razor> Option "DPMS"
Razor> VendorName "--> VESA"
Razor> VertRefresh 50-60
Razor> UseModes "Modes[0]"
Razor> EndSection

HorizSync 31-34 is too low.
Chinage this as follows;

HorizSync 31-48.5

Then, try to change the rsolution to 1024x768.

HTH & Regards.

Masaru Nomiya mail-to: nomiyac360 @

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