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Re: [opensuse] The state of openSUSE
  • From: Andreas Hanke <andreas.hanke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 22:03:01 +0200
  • Message-id: <44BFE175.30202@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Thomas Hertweck schrieb:
> From my
> point of view, SUSE 10.1 users were just "abused" as cheap public beta
> testers for SLES. The decisions were clearly not made in favour of a
> stable SUSE 10.1 release, but in favour of an SLES product. And, I
> believe, the Novell management would do it again exactly like this. So I
> really have doubts whether a lesson has been learned...

I don't share this opinion. Managers are not dumb. They know that
(open)SUSE is perceived as sort of a "test case" for enterprise
products, and they know that poor (open)SUSE releases put the reputation
of enterprise products into question.

And I actually don't even share the conclusion that Novell doesn't care
about (open)SUSE stability. Do you remember the endless discussions
about SUSE 10.1 being shipped with "outdated" KDE and GNOME version
numbers? These "outdated" releases were chosen because of stability

I tend to find the discussions about SUSE 10.1 quality rather annoying.
New installations will get the first and now even the second update
stack during the initial installation, new user's wont even notice the
most obvious problems, and the sad experiences early adopters hat cannot
be undone any more.

Maybe we (the users) should try to be a little bit more forgiving. And
we shouldn't forget that (open)SUSE is about a lot more than just
package management. E.g., is there any other free Linux offering out
there with a better working Xen setup than (open)SUSE? I'm not aware of
any. with VBA support? Nowhere as good as in (open)SUSE.

Andreas Hanke

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