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Re: [opensuse] The state of openSUSE
  • From: Thomas Hertweck <Thomas.Hertweck@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 19:43:07 +0100
  • Message-id: <44BFCEBB.9030807@xxxxxx>

Per Jessen wrote:
> [...]
> Quality and are right now the two main strengths of SUSE.
> It is true that SUSE reputation for quality got a little dented with
> the hurried change of package manager in 10.1, but I suspect Novell
> might well have learned a lesson there.

I wouldn't sign this statement ;-) You have to look at the driving force
in the background that led to the problems in SUSE 10.1. The Novell
management wanted to integrate the zen software into SLES 10. As SUSE
10.1 is the basis for SLES 10, zen had to be integrated into SUSE 10.1
as well. The management's priority was and is the business product SLES,
I think they really knew when making the decision about the change in
package management software for 10.1 that this would cause problems for
the end user. However, they decided to hazard the consequences. From my
point of view, SUSE 10.1 users were just "abused" as cheap public beta
testers for SLES. The decisions were clearly not made in favour of a
stable SUSE 10.1 release, but in favour of an SLES product. And, I
believe, the Novell management would do it again exactly like this. So I
really have doubts whether a lesson has been learned... At a lower
level, say the SUSE Linux product manager(s), or the staff closely
involved in the openSUSE project, or the developers, yes, I think they
somehow really faced the negative feedback (although I am sure that most
of the problems have not been their fault and that they worked hard to
make the best out of SUSE 10.1) by the end user and have learned a
lesson, but at the high management level...?!?

This is just my opinion about the events (from a person outside the
Novell empire) and, in principle, I hope that I am wrong ;-)


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