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OT: Re: [SLE] Warning to Americans!
  • From: "Orn E. Hansen" <orn_hansen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 3 May 2006 21:44:37 +0200
  • Message-id: <200605032144.37774.orn_hansen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Þriðjudaginn, þann 2 maí 2006 08:39 skrifaði Randall R Schulz:
> There is only one race of humans. Homo sapiens. There is no biological
> basis for what we refer to as race. The tiny handful of genes that are
> responsible for ethnic characteristics are but a miniscule fraction of
> our genome and all the rest of the genome mixes and flows throughout
> humanity without respect to those genes that produce externally visible
> phenotypic differences.

Basically, that's a whole lot of Politically Correct crap. This kind of
politicall correctness was invented, to avoid a repetition of the great wars
of Europe. While in reality, it's the heart of the wars of Europe through
the centuries.

You think, that we should all be one big happy family. If you think that's
possible, you need help. You and I don't think alike, and you may think you
are related to me because you are black or white like I am. But sorry Bud,
my definition of "my people" is not limited to black or white. I, and those
of my family and those who share my thoughts and reasoning, weather they are
few or many. We have the right of SELF DETERMINATION. We have the God Given
right, to determine our own future, and govern ourselves. You DO NOT HAVE
the right to remove that, except by force and oppression, which is not a God
given right. The reality, that you by spewing this PC crap, do not
comprehend that you are working against democratic values, and working for
removing the right of individuals and groups, to govern themselves, calls the
status of many people in this world to question, as to weather they are
actually sentient. Or wether they are, but are merely evil and are working
under false pretences. Eventually, the result are the same ... I can't go to
my own bathroom, without a camera up my <you know what>. You call that self
determination? I call that oppression, in the extreme. If I and those who
follow me want to think of ourselves as the pinkies, that is our right. If
we want to have our own government, that is our right ... it's called
democracy. It stems from Hellas, and is referring to the fact that Hellas
was a loose unity of many states, that all had different forms of government
varying in degree, freedom and opinion, and population. This is what is
referred to as democracy, not the "republic" form that is the Roman Empire
and all that has followed. Where all subjects are oppressed under a single
government, that is for the benefit of the greedy, and where the subjects are
it's slaves.

If it's one think I hate, it's PC crap and those who stand for it.

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