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Way OFF TOPIC: Re: [SLE] Warning to Americans!
  • From: "Orn E. Hansen" <orn_hansen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 3 May 2006 22:08:37 +0200
  • Message-id: <200605032208.37600.orn_hansen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Þriðjudaginn, þann 2 maí 2006 19:27 skrifaði Greg Wallace:
> Well, though the genetic differences among races is minute, they are there,
> as you yourself say -- "The tiny handful...". But the difference is,
> indeed very minute (race is not a taxonomic category), and was caused by
> the physical environment where the homo sapiens with those characteristics
> originated. Skin color was an adaptation to differences in UV radiation at
> the different latitudes. Dark skin reflects UV more than light skin, so
> those peoples whose origins were in the tropical regions developed darker
> skin to cut back on the UV absorption of their skins. Conversely, those
> living in the lower and upper latitudes developed lighter skin to be able
> to absorb more UV. So, in essence, I agree with you that the differences
> among races are miniscule, but that to say that one who believes there is
> such a thing as race is racism is, I believe, going a bit too far.

If we go back to "biblical" times, and think of Gods "damnation" to the
people of Babylon, where all the people stopped talking the same language and
went Coo Coo, because they couldn't understand each other. Well, in reality,
there is such a language base ... we in Europe can call it "Germanic". The
Russians, I hear, want to tell the story of "Lech", "Val" and I forget who
the third is ... but those of us who want to call ourselves scientific
minded, are not bound to religious mind filtering. We call this "evolution",
and where evolution steps in ... it's basically genes.

The result is, and always will be ... we elvoved, and we evolved to a state,
where it is not merely our different looks, our different height. The fact
that some of us grow "end teeth" and some of us don't. The fact that some do
get bald, others get a hairline around the top ... others have the hair thin
up each end of the forehead. Nor the fact, that some of us often have big
feet ... and that others don't have the actual correct ratio between legs and
body (short legs, or long legs). Or the fact that we've grown different
thought processes. Where some of us are basically democratic by birth, while
others will never be no matter how much democratic schooling they go through.
Of course, through thousands of years of mixing, we got mixed genes and
evolution will always turn up a nasty surprise wherever we are, and whatever
color of our skin... but if you think, that the difference in races is merely
based on skin color, you are way out in la la land. We europeans may have
the same skin color, but you and I are about as alike, as dogs and cats, and
about as related. And as stated in a different letter, we have both the
right of self determination, and the right to govern ourselves. Which means,
that I don't have to tolerate being oppressed by you or your choice of
government. Which basically gives me and those of equal mind, the right to
differentiate ourselves and remove ourselves from a state of existance we
consider hostile to our existance, and it also gives us the right to fight
for our state of existence as a group. But it does not give you the right to
oppress us, by forcing anyone to live under conditions they don't want to
approve of.

The right of self determination, is one of foundations of democracy.

> Greg Wallace

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