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Re: [SLE] Warning to Americans!(now going OT)
  • From: "Orn E. Hansen" <orn_hansen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 3 May 2006 22:17:25 +0200
  • Message-id: <200605032217.26038.orn_hansen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Miðvikudaginn, þann 3 maí 2006 07:39 skrifaði Randall R Schulz:
> Sadly, electrolysis is a very inefficient way to produce hydrogen gas.
> And while it's true we've got so very much more solar energy than we
> need, even after the biosphere gets everything it needs, it still is a
> wasteful thing to do with a high-quality form of energy such as
> electricity. If you want to store the energy, which is of course is a
> practical necessity, since it's rarely needed in proprotion to its
> availability, you do better to simply pump water uphill!
> Electromechanical energy conversion (i.e., motors and generators) is a
> lot more efficient than electrochemical conversion (batteries, fuel
> cells and electrolysis).
While electrolysis may be a very poor way of producing hydrogen, heat is
not. Heat, as an energy form, is in abundance in many places and can be
easily used to catalyst the transition of water to hydrogen+oxygen.

Transportation of hydrogen as a fuel, is by no means a bigger problem, than

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