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Re: [SLE] Re: GNOME vs KDE Redoux
  • From: elefino <kevinmcl@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 07:18:13 -0400
  • Message-id: <200605050718.13741.kevinmcl@xxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 03 May 2006 23:29, Mark H. Harris wrote:
> I am amazed at some of the comments on this thread. Ok, basics... Linux
> is not Winblows... the desktop is *not* tied to the OS in Linux... the
> desktop is *not* tied to the distribution in Linux... Suse doesn't
> support the KDE desktop, the KDE community supports the KDE desktop...
> If Suse ever ships without KDE (and it won't anytime soon) I will add
> the KDE desktop myself.

Well, it _used to be_ that SUSE took the basic KDE, at a certain version,
integrated it and tested it with their distribution, customizing the eye
candy and ensuring a nice fit.

Yes, you can do all that stuff yourself. Yes, you can compile every
little thing, including the kernel from source. And good for you.

But they have these things called "distributions" that do much of
that work... especially the integration and testing and getting all
the drivers together and working, and giving the whole thing a
nice look-and-feel... which many of us like and some of us even
pay money for. You know... so we won't have to spend our
lives searching out thousands of source files, matching up their
versions, compiling, re-compiling because we found something
else that we like and it needs a different library... like that?

So, even though many people seem inarticulate and may have
given the impression that they think KDE is part of the OS,
most of us know that it is separate and that what we are
looking for from SUSE (and maybe even paying for) is the
integration and prettifying. And all that testing and tweaking
that they do... so we don't have to.

We are talking two different mentalities here, with only a bit
of overlap:
- the people for whom Linux is a hobby and an end in itself
- the people for whom Linux is a tool to do other stuff that
they could do about as well (though perhaps differently),
with Windows or Mac OSX.

The first group reached saturation long ago. There's not
much growth to be had anymore among hobbyists. There's
plenty of room among users-with-actual-lives.
Eventually, some of the hobbyists will get so pissed with
the expectations and limitations of users-with-actual-lives,
that some of them will get together and create a new
hobbyist platform... well, they will after the wars about
switching to a "pure" form of BSD or some such.

Some of them will rise above such things and simply
go to work for SUSE/Novell or other distro company,
so that they can play to their heart's content with
compiling and testing and re-compiling everything in sight.

Well, that's my take, and it likely differs from yours.


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