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Re: [SLE] Re: GNOME vs KDE Redoux
  • From: James Knott <james.knott@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 07 May 2006 16:10:49 -0400
  • Message-id: <445E5449.2070407@xxxxxxxxxx>
Alexey Eremenko wrote:
>> If you think it's so good, try supporting it for a while and then
>> compare it with your experiences with Linux or OS/2 or...
> The fact that you dislike Windows XP is your personal choice.

It's not just that I dislike it. I have to deal with the problems it
creates, every day at work. I have also supported OS/2 and it has
nowhere near the problems Windows does. I'm the one who has to tell a
user that the computer is so messed up, that it has to be reimaged. I'm
the one who has to try and figure out why it's so slow lately. I'm the
one who has to tell someone that he just lost a lot of his work, because
when Windows crashed, it took out most of his documents etc. It's not
just dislike. It's called "experience".

> It doesn't means however, that XP is bad. In fact, I like it very much
> and use it *together* with SUSE Linux 10.0. This means that I would
> like to see more XP features in SUSE Linux next-version. In
> particular, I want a good KDE Task Manager instead of KSysGuard crap.
> I hope it will be replaced in KDE 4.
>> In fact, it was the pathetic "downgrade" from Win2K to XP that caused
>> me to
>> jump ship over to Linux, in spite of some serious pain
> ...and WindowsXP (pro) has the same or more features than Windows 2000
> (pro) in every aspect. So I really don't understand people that are
> saying they worked well with 2000 but hate XP. Since I know both very
> well, I can do feature-for-feature comparison.

The desktop in XP can be far more annoying than W2000.

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