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Re: [SLE] Re: GNOME vs KDE Redoux
  • From: "Mark H. Harris" <harrismh777@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 9 May 2006 12:22:21 -0500
  • Message-id: <200605091222.21506.harrismh777@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Saturday 06 May 2006 22:39, Chuck Davis wrote:
> I've done COBOL and RPG.  RPG on AS/400, iSeries, whatever it's called
> this week,
Its called AS/400 as far as I am concerned... a rose is a rose by any other
name. ;-) I worked for IBM Rochester (25 years) until I was, uh, canned
in 2002. I supported the compilers: RPG, C, COBOL, and the other language
utilities like SEU. In my last few years I wrote tools code for the support

> and Microfocus COBOL on OS/2 PCs.  When I started to look
> around for a place to go when IBM told us to get off their products I
> found Linux.
Good move. I worked my best to get the folks in Rochester fired up about linux
with limited success. The last I knew there was a Linux team working for
iSeries... don't know now what they're up to... but you know, day late and a
dollar short will... oh, well.
> I looked at C/C++ and they seemed totally disgusting.
> Then I found Java and it just worked.
C is the heart language of *nix. This is true for Linux also. Glue scripts
are also key-- and TCL/TK is one of the best. C++ is fun, and unfortunately
Java dropped some of the best C++ stuff... like operator overloading,
pointers, multiple inheritance, templates, and constructor flexibility. But
you're right, Java has allowed some folks to jump into programming who might
not have otherwise.
> The libraries supply all the
> power one could ever wish for.  It just keeps getting better and
> better.  
AWT and Swing are very cool... but you know, the libraries are almost too
extensive at this point. "Java in a nutshell" separated AWT and Swing out of
their reference and placed them into its own book... "Java Foundation
Classes"... and "Java Enterprise" for the server-side stuff. It has really
exploded since the days when I seriously used it.
> You can have your pointers.  I'll take my references any day
> (which of course are pointers underneath).  So here's my deal.  You
> use the pointers to create the jvm and I'll use the references you
> create with them to write my applications!  
Yeah, that works.
> Pointers are just plain
> evil for applications programmers!  
Not necessarily. Some application programmers are just plain evil if you let
them get their hands on pointers! :-)) "Danger, keep out of reach of
> And I probably would not want an
> OS based on anything other than C/C++!
Like I said, C/C++ is the heart language of *nix.

I just wrote a miniprocessor interface for the parallel port (kernel mod) and
C was the only way to make it work correctly... simply no other choice. But,
the tool controller (graphic interface used for testing and set/reset) was
written in TCL/TK. The C interface code (unix domain sockets) is
under-the-covers talking to the kernel mod. The two languages work well
together. Java could have been used for the gui, but with more complexity.

Just for fun.

Kind regards,

Mark H. Harris <><

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